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Digitally Transform your processes and future-proof your organisation

Imagine. Map. Create. Realise.

GiftedMatrix is a cloud platform for business automation - focusing on processes, secure data handling and the execution of business rules. Whatever you do online, if it involves a process, people, or other organisations, you can build, customise and use your very own solution in The GiftedMatrix.

 It’s a no-code platform, so anyone can put to use the Gifted Toolkit - with no coding needed - to turn their expertise and fresh ideas into a powerful solution, carving out a niche in any market. Work in partnership with the Gifted Team or use the Gifted Toolkit yourself to orchestrate workflows, datagroups, forms, dashboards and much more into a consolidated, agile system to act as the base of digital operations for your entire organisation.

Built By Us - Made By You

Your Application. Your Way.

GiftedMatrix was built to allow everyone to digitise their processes in a way that works for them. To ‘decode’ the idea behind how digital processes ‘should be done’. You may have seen mention of 'no-code software' or 'no-code platforms' before. We chose instead to call GiftedMatrix 'a toolkit' - because that's exactly what it is.

It gives you all the tools to configure a system with a unique design to suit your exact needs. It could be Case Management, Customer Relationship Management, Content Relationship Management, Project Management, Stakeholder Management… We call it GiftedMatrix, but you can call it anything you like.

That's what we mean when we say 'the no-code configuration toolkit. For Everyone.' If you're wondering whether GiftedMatrix can do exactly what you want it to, we say… Why not? GiftedMatrix is many things after all, and the deeper you look, the more it becomes.

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