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The Creators Of GiftedMatrix, Gifted Solutions and Alms.NET

Welcome To Westwood Forster

We've been building specialised software since 1990, with a focus on the Not-For-Profit sector. Our approach has always been to try to create truly intelligent solutions, and we've developed and refined our products over 30 years. 'alms.NET' and 'The Gifted Solutions' are the latest iterations of our answers to the processing problems of Not-For-Profits.

Along the way, we also found the underlying problems faced by any organisation trying to engage with their audience were similar. Our idea of The GiftedMatrix – the no-code configuration platform that our Gifted Solutions are developed on - allows anyone to digitise their processes. Defining data, creating forms, workflowing their activities, automating communications and creating self-service landing pages.

Why do we do what we do? It’s a question that becomes more pertinent with each passing day in the new age of ‘purpose’ driven lives desperate to reach beyond the immediate, both in a physical and a temporal sense… Forget that though. At Westwood Forster, it really is quite simple.

The Why.

Why we do

All we really want to do is facilitate the missions of others; to bring people together and help them towards their goal. We believe that making everyone's work more efficient, simple and easy allows them to spend more of their time making the impact they want to, rather than wasting time and energy trying to tackle and tame their daily business processes. That's why we do what we do.


Our Products

What we do

That company ethos is reflected in our products, which give you the tools to achieve your goals while letting you decide how you want to use them. Check them out below:

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