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24 September 2015

alms.NET Live

Migration of 1m Contacts, 3 Million Transactions, 10 teams, 60 users and a new technical infrastructure – in just 9 Months!

27 May 2015

lots of change but same old problems

Five years ago I was a very fit and active 47 year old with a large family and a good career in the NFP sector at Westwood Forster. Then, for no apparent reason, I suffered catastrophic and near fatal heart failure.

02 May 2015

HMRC Changes to Gift Aid Claiming - April 2015

One of the requirements of a gift aid claim has always been the submission of a full postal address for both donors and sponsored event participants. The recent change to the scheme included validation to ensure that either a valid UK postcode was present or for non-UK residents that HMRC were notified accordingly.

With the introductio…

10 April 2015

going forward

We’ll be posting, frequently and irregularly, on things we’re interested in and care about. Things we think worth saying and sharing. Irregularly, because if we’ve nothing to say, that’s what we’ll say.

There’ll be some product news, of course, because we care about alms.NET. There won’t be too much, and we’ll do our best to make it in…

10 April 2015

location, location, location?

Our office lease expired at the end of March: the landlord is 're-purposing' the building, into posh apartments. We've been thinking for some time about the need for an office, for people to travel to daily in order to work.  

It's a while since all the hard resources needed to do jobs like ours had to be under one roof - the incr…

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