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02 March 2018

location, location, location?

Our office lease expired at the end of March: the landlord is 're-purposing' the building, into posh apartments. We've been thinking for some time about the need for an office, for people to travel to daily in order to work.  

It's a while since all the hard resources needed to do jobs like ours had to be under one roof - the increasing consumerisation of computing power and web-based technologies long saw to that. And when we asked ourselves where our day-to-day business activities were best carried out, most of the team said 'at home'. So we've invested to make sure that where possible, everyone has a suitable and properly-equipped workspace at home, which they can treat as 'the office' if they choose.  

Over time we've moved more and more of our IT to be cloud based. Google is our email and document management system. Our accounting and our issue-tracking systems are in the cloud, as is our development environment, which includes Visual Studio Online. Our training and testing systems are housed in an Azure platform.  We're used to creating pop-up venues for client training. We've been using VOIP technology alongside Google hangouts to share and collaborate.  

I said 'most of' the team favoured home working – some weren't sure, if not for reasons of space, then because of worries about feeling isolated (or in a couple of cases,  not  feeling quite able to trust themselves. ...). So we've  maintained a small office in London Bridge.

We think this mix of telecommuting and physical workplace will allow us to really test drive the enabling technology and give us insights into how to be better at support, better at development, better at client engagement. And – not trivially – our carbon footprint will be half its current size.



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