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02 March 2018

HMRC Changes to Gift Aid Claiming - April 2015

One of the requirements of a gift aid claim has always been the submission of a full postal address for both donors and sponsored event participants. The recent change to the scheme included validation to ensure that either a valid UK postcode was present or for non-UK residents that HMRC were notified accordingly.

With the introduction of online Gift Aid claiming in April 2013 charities were advised by HMRC to include postcodes for UK addresses in their records. From April 2015 the inclusion of a valid postcode becomes a mandatory requirement for online claims.

To comply with this, in a new build available to our clients, both Visual Alms and alms.NET will include a new file layout for submission to HMRC.

The following changes will be applied:

  • A new field 'Overseas' has been added
  • If the gift aid claim address is non UK the ‘Overseas’ flag will be set to YES and a postcode will not be required.
  • If the address is UK then the 'Overseas' flag will not be set and a postcode will be required.
  • In the Gift Aid process, invalid postcodes will be presented as an error rather than a warning and will not be included in the claim file.  A report will be available to show the invalid postcodes

Please contact the Westwood Forster support desk at if you have any questions.



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