02 March 2018

going forward

We’ll be posting, frequently and irregularly, on things we’re interested in and care about. Things we think worth saying and sharing. Irregularly, because if we’ve nothing to say, that’s what we’ll say.

There’ll be some product news, of course, because we care about alms.NET. There won’t be too much, and we’ll do our best to make it interesting product news, and an easy read.

We’ll be sharing plenty of tales from our partners, because even software developers know that what people do with technology is sometimes more interesting than the tech itself. We intend to post a serialised account of the latest implementation of alms.NET, at a major national fundraising and campaigning charity. That will be interesting (and they won’t let us fib).

We’ll be synopsising and commenting on sector developments - technological, economic, regulatory, best practice - when we have something to contribute that’s not available elsewhere. We’d like the blog to be an informal hangout for sharing opinions, shouting good news, or having a good moan - and we’ll be playing requests. So pay us another visit soon.



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