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02 March 2018

Fundraising Preference Service

The Charity sector came under the media spotlight in 2015 when frustration amongst the general public regarding the nature and frequency of fundraising approaches was reported.  Following a review, the need for a service to help individuals manage their communication with charities was identified, hence the FPS.  The Fundraising Preference Service (FPS) is a new website-based service launching on 6th July 2017.  The new system will ensure that people can easily manage the communications they receive from charities.

The FPS will allow members of the public to end direct marketing communications from specified charities through a central system. The charities will be notified when this happens and will be expected to update their systems accordingly.

As the launch of the FPS is imminent, here is a reminder of the key processes and information. In addition, the results of the public consultation can be found here.

Charity Sign Up Process

* Some organisations have been contacted in April to sign up to the FPS Portal

* Other charities will be contacted on receipt of their first FPS request

Set Up will include:
* Naming of 2-3 individuals to access the charity FPS Portal
* Choosing how to be alerted to new requests
* Uploading charity logo
* Drafting 200 characters purpose statement (optional)

New FPS Request Process : Individual experience

Start -> Find Charity ->Select Channels (postal, email, telephone, SMS) ->Enter personal details -> Submit - > Receive confirmation email or SM

* The individual can choose to opt out of up to 3 charities in any one transaction.  
* There is no option for the individual to opt out of all charities in one transaction.
* A code will be provided for each transaction.  The individual will be able to use the code to access the transaction.
* Confirmation of the transaction will be sent via email or SMS.

An individual will be able to opt out of charity communication on behalf of another person.  As well as the confirmation notification, the named individual will be sent a postal notification of the transaction.

FPS Notification : Charity Experience

When an FPS request is made, the charity will be notified by their preferred method.  If the charity is not registered and a request is made, the service will email the request to the email address registered with the Charity Commission.

* The individual’s name and address will always be supplied.
* If opting out of telephone and SMS only, the telephone number will be supplied.
* If opting out of email only, the email address will be supplied.
* The date and transaction code will also be supplied and must be recorded against the opt out statement for auditing purposes.
* If the individual exists in the systems, the charity must add the appropriate opt out statement.
* If the individual does not exist in the systems, the charity must add the individual with the appropriate opt out statement.
* The charity has up to 28 days to update their mailings lists.
* The opt out statement does not apply to administrative communications.
* If the individual subsequently opts in via a different route, the FPS notification is superseded.

We will be going into more detail on how alms.NET can assist in this process in the next few days. The best way to keep up to date with what is happening in this area is to follow us on Twitter @westwoodforster. We will be posting all these updates on Twitter as well as re-tweeting relevant information from the Fundraising Regulator and the IOF. Please encourage others in your organisation to follow us as well.


Some useful links providing information on the FPS


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