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02 March 2018

Fundraising Preference Service - FPS Requests

It has been over a week since the Fundraising Preference Service has been launched and the Fundraising Regulator has released some figures - see above.  We have contacted a number of our clients about their experience so far:

-- Volume has been varied ranging from 0 to about 30
-- Requests are mainly from existing supporters with new supporters being of a lower volume
-- Varied notification methods are being used - email, manual download or SFTP

The comments about the notification method, especially the email notification, are worth noting:
-- Many email notifications from the FPS are automatically being passed to junk/spam folders
-- Some email notifications have not been working and these have been logged with the FPS Support Line
So, if you have had no FPS requests, it is worth checking that your notification method is working - generating a test request is worth considering and also checking that the email address registered with the Charity Commission is an accessible one. You should also add the FPS email addresses to your list of those that are never marked as junk mail - they are (for the FPS requests) and (for the registration sign ups)

Don’t forget to add your logo and 200 characters against your charity name on the FPS site.  It could be that people are suppressing the wrong charity so the logo and the description will help minimise this.

 A reminder on how to record the FPS request in alms.NET:

 Source Set Up
alms.NET Administration Team - > Administration - > Look Up Tables - > System - > External System - > Create a new one called Fundraising Preference Service (exit alms.NET to refresh the table)

Recording the Source
If the contact already exists in alms.NET, record the Preference opt out and - in the Sourcing section - apply the following information:
Select External System (default is Mass Segmented Mailing)
Select System = Fundraising Preference
Transaction id = FPS code (associated with the notification)

If the contact does not exist in alms.NET, create the contact and - in the Sourcing section - use the same details as above.




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